Sacred Motherhood : Crystal Set + Illustration EN


The New Cool has partnered with french illustrator Charlie Mamas to offer a unique collab about motherhood!

A crystal set and a specifically designed illustration in tribute to all mums and mums-to-be!

The set contains :

  • 1crystal set with 3 stones
  • 1 exclusive illustration A5

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The energy of this selection of crystals will accompany women during this phase of transformation and help find their balance. These minerals will be the perfect partners to bring strength, confidence and accompany on the sacred path to motherhood.

  • Moonstone: a sacred stone that helps develop sensitivity, creativity and compassion. This stone of femininity is a must have for women at all stages of motherhood: during pregnancy, it can help relieve nausea and fatigue, its energy will also soothe fear, tension and stress. During labor, it is said to ease contractions. After birth, it acts as a supporting stone for healthy lactation and finding your balance back.
  • Black onyx: stone of strength and perseverance, it offers protection and gives the expectant mother the endurance necessary for childbirth. This crystal is a real support to approach the transition to motherhood.
  • Rose quartz: stone of unconditional love and compassion. Rose quartz will strengthen the mother / baby bond, both during pregnancy and after birth. It is a feminine and soothing crystal that promotes love of self and others.


An exclusive illustration created by illustrator Charlie Mamas for The New Cool celebrating the power of motherhood.
  • A5 format
  • 190g artistic paper
  • Fine art printing
  • Signed and Numbered
Read more about Charlie Mamas here

How to use the crystals?

  • Wear the crystals against you and let them surround you with good vibes …
  • Wear them with you during pregnancy, and especially during labor. Place in the baby’s room at birth
  • As they absorb negative energies, crystals should be cleaned with clean water every week and ‘recharged’ in moonlight as soon as possible.


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